About us


Ferdowsi Startup Accelerator was found in 2015 with the aim of strengthening the startups in various fields, especially educational and software technologies, as well as creating a massive network of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors to bring new and sustainable business opportunities.

Our focus is on activating the capacity of novel ideas and companies, training entrepreneur human resources, exploring broader markets (regional and national), identifying strategic partners, and creating a network of experts and activists in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ferdowsi accelerator is managed by experienced entrepreneurs and, by providing supporting services, accelerates the development process of newly established startups. These supporting services include:

-          Mentoring and coaching in the fields of management, finances, projects, and marketing

-          Technical training and consulting

-          Help to attract investors

-          Providing a bridge between startup owners and business angels

-          Dedicating workspace to startups under acceleration

-          Sponsorship for advertisement

Admission strategy of our accelerator is as follows:

-      Attracting the teams with viable and sustainable business ideas

-      Attracting startups and businesses in the seed stage

-      Attracting teams of 2-5 sympathetic and collaborative members who put their efforts to advance the project

The application of startups will be reviewed 4 times per year. At each stage, up to 5 startups will be admitted. Pre-acceleration time period is 30 days and the acceleration stage lasts 6-8 months.

At the end of acceleration period, we expect the admitted companies to reach a position where they will be able to present their ideas and themselves to our investor network. After that, graduated startups should provide monthly reports from their activities and participate in the meetings with their mentors.